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The world’s most sophisticated dementia screening tool.
What is Mindset?
We’ve built an app that can screen for dementia.

Our Core Values
The ABC’s of Mindset
1. Analyse

Your use of Mindset generates loads of data detailing how a healthy brain should look.

2. Build

This teaches an AI to differentiate between healthy and abnormal presentations.

3. Care

The app can then be used to screen and help millions of undiagnosed individuals.

Why does this matter?
Mindset is committed to solve a pressing issue.
A new case of dementia develops.
The global economic cost of dementia.
Of people with dementia are undiagnosed.
Of beds are used by patients with dementia.
Meet the team
The Minds at Mindset
Hamzah Selim
University College London
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Itai Palmon
University of Michigan
Aaron Lin
University of Birmingham
AfterlightImage copy
Patrice Becker
ETH Zurich
Dr. Barry Seemungal
Imperial College London
Sophie Berger
Alex Jacobo-Blonder
School of Visual Arts
Orange Jellyfish
On the right path
Nick Hooton

Mindset is really very clever and can have a great impact on dementia care.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 17.37.44 copy
Rt. Hon. Professor the Lord Ara Darzi
Imperial College London, Health Board of Google DeepMind
Director, Member of Health Board

This is very interesting!

Dr. Martina di Simplicio
Psychiatry at Imperial College London
Clinical Senior Lecturer

An interesting, naturalistic, and smart screening tool.

Dr. Paul Bentley
Imperial College London
Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer

This is very exciting and innovative.

Frequently Asked Questions
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With the Ui/UX perfected, clinical testing completed, and coders vigorously tapping away, Mindset is anticipated to launch early June. This is of course subject to a swift beta-testing phase – want to be a part of the action? Sign up below.

One day Mindset will be able to screen and help those with dementia. However, first we’ve got to teach our AI to recognise the nuince of the disease and also understand what healthy users look like. Hence, this first launch is simply to gather data in order to develop a very clever AI.

Mindset needs data – both from healthy users and people who have dementia. Everytime you get anyone to use Mindset, our AI gets a step closer to being able to recognise the earliest signs of dementia. Sign up below to join our ambassador program and get rewards for spreading the Mindset word.

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